Centre for Legal Clinic Research and Rehabilitation Welfare Charitable Trust

Our NGO assists the needy people through its various programs on health, education, and the environment in Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.
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About Us

Centre for Legal Clinic Research and Rehabilitation Welfare Charitable Trust

Our NGOs aim is to provide fulfilling and happy lives to the people of rural areas by providing them education, a healthy environment, an old age home, and various other development opportunities.

CLCRRWCT, is a welfare charitable trust founded in 2017 by Mr. Rambabu Polumati, a social activist and great social visionary. Our NGO organizes programs of great benefit to the people facing the challenges of poverty and enables them to lead full and productive lives. The NGO offers education, healthcare, water conservation, sanitation, old age shelters, and agriculture and growth opportunities, depending on the needs of society. The trust also works towards creating a more environmentally conscious society by promoting sustainability that preserves and protects nature. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, the headquarters of the organization are located at Bommuru, Rajahmundry Rural, and East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, South India. For various projects, the organization seeks partnerships with government, public, and private sector organizations, national and international NGOs, and other organisations.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


We envision a society where the obstacles related to agriculture, health, education, and poverty have been conquered and people are leading a fulfilling life.


Eradicating poverty in Andhra Pradesh's tribal areas by promoting equality within communities, offering education, and establishing jobs in agriculture.


Food Distribution for School Drop Out Tribal Children

In the remote tribal village of Sand Quarry, located in G.K. Veedhi Mandal of Alluri Seetharamaraju District, we are dedicated to provide education and daily mid-day meals to school dropout children. Our mission is to empower these children with knowledge and nourishment, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive and build a brighter future. Through our efforts, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy, fostering a community where every child has access to quality education and nutritious meals. By investing in their education and well-being, we believe we can create lasting positive change in Sand Quarry and beyond.

Education for Tribal Children & Villagers

In a remote tribal area situated 200 kilometers away from the main cities, our organization is making a significant impact by providing essential services. Our organization offers a mid-day meal program to ensure villagers receive proper nutrition. Additionally, they focus on educating both children and adults, aiming to uplift the community through knowledge and empowerment. By bridging the gap between education and nutrition, our organization is transforming lives and bringing hope to a marginalized population. Their dedication to serve this distant village is creating a positive change and fostering a brighter future for its residents.

Environmental Program

Conducting jurisprudence conferences alongside an Environmental Program every three months is a pioneering initiative of our NGO. The latest session of this program took place on March 21st and 22nd, 2023, where experts and stakeholders gathered to discuss critical legal and environmental issues. These conferences serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and advocating for sustainable practices in our community and beyond. Through these events, we aim to drive positive change and promote a deeper understanding of the intersection between law and the environment.

Providing Essential Vitamins for Healthier Futures in Rural Areas

Our organization partners with the Vitamin Angels Association of India to provide essential Vitamin A and Albendazole tablets to children aged 1 to 5 in tribal areas. This collaborative initiative is focused on enhancing children's health and nutrition, addressing vital needs crucial for their growth and development. By ensuring access to these vital supplements, we aim to contribute to a brighter and healthier future for these communities. This program underscores our commitment to support the well-being of marginalized children and foster sustainable health improvements in tribal regions. Through this collaboration, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of these young individuals, empowering them to thrive and succeed.

Our Activities

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Regular Education Training in Sandquary

In Sandquary of GK Veedhi Mandal, our organization is dedicated to provide regular education training to rural village people. Through various programs and workshops, we aim to equip community members with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their livelihoods and empower them for a brighter future.
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Brick Making Training

By teaching rural village people to make bricks using grass, we not only provide them with employment opportunities but also contribute to environmental protection through sustainable practices. This initiative of our organization empowers communities to earn a livelihood while preserving the environment, fostering a win-win situation for both people and nature.
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Seminar on Legal Literacy Camp

Our organization recently hosted a seminar on legal literacy, empowering individuals with essential legal knowledge and rights. Through this camp, participants gained valuable insights into their legal rights and responsibilities, enhancing their ability to navigate the legal system effectively. This initiative underscores our commitment to promote legal education and empowerment within our community.
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Dr. Ambedkar Jayanthi

Our organization organized a clothes distribution campaign in honor of Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of our Indian Constitution, who dedicated his life to fighting untouchability, on his 131st birthday. About 200 women benefited in Bommuru village.
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Delivering Democracy Conference

The NGO participated in the Delivery Democracy Conference, which was organised for 2 days (12 and 13 April 2023) at Art of Living, Bangalore.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

Rambabu Polumati

Founder & Chairman

Mezahab Bathula

Secretary& Trustee

Divakar Babu Polumati

Treasurer& Trustee

Advisory Panel

Mr. K.L.Vasanth Kumar




Statutory Details

Centre for Legal Clinic Research and Rehabilitation Welfare Charitable Trust is a registered organization with following certifications

  • 80G

  • 12A



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Account Number: 4841155000017232

Bank: Karur vysya bank Ltd

Branch: Bommuru

IFSC Code: KVBL0004841

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G.


Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at clcrrtrust1969@gmail.com

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#102-3-115, Bommuru, Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, A.P., PIN: 533124.

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Bommuru, Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, A.P., PIN: 533124.